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I would like to start off by wishing you all the very best during these uncertain times.... During these unprecedented conditions which we have been faced with, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we may have to start embracing an entirely new normal. The emergence of this new precarious virus has actually forced businesses and employees to adopt a new way of team collaboration and effective remote working, as most can attest. Although I had personally enjoyed the benefit of working from home twice a week prior to the nationwide lockdown, which gave me  a great work life balance, the mandatory 5-day work from home order has presented some fresh challenges especially as it is a drastic change to normal routine. Over the 6-week period of the lockdown, I have gradually gotten used to the new system or work and life. I have put together a few tips that has helped me to cope, stay effective and practice digital wellness whilst working from home.

Firstly, ergonomics at the home office is essential in maintaining a good posture and general well being. The last thing anyone needs is to have a lasting back pain when this gloomy period is over.  Although not everyone has a dedicated space that can be set up easily with standard IT equipment, a few things to consider when trying to optimise your work space, posture and improve your wellness when working from home is to ensure that:

  • The laptop/monitor  is the level of the eye height or use some coffee table books to raise the laptop.
  • Sit in an adjustable chair, fold a blanket/throw for extra lower back support and if the chair is too low, sit on a pillow or cushion to raise your seat height.
  • Micro-breaks away from the laptop is so important, think about when your at work, you get up every now and again to your colleagues desk for a chat or to the staff kitchen or to a meeting room or to take a phone call, the list is endless. That should be applied when at home as well. For me, I like to play hide and seek with my toddlers for 5mins, do some recycling and generally keep active by not staying in the same position for extended periods.

Secondly, make effort to maintain your usual morning routine. I find that it helps with preparing the mindset for actual work and increases motivation. For me, I had to set my alarm not as early as my usual 5am but to 7am. Once I am up, I start my day as per usual; with a shower, make up, then I dress like I would if I were physically present at the office. Thereafter, I commute to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea like I would in the office.  I make a conscious effort not to be tempted to remain in my pyjamas, as I need to look presentable for the daily video conference huddles.

Thirdly, establish boundaries during the work day and do not put too much pressure, on yourself. You have to make a conscious effort not to beat yourself up when it gets close to end of day and there are still some outstanding tasks. Resist the temptation to stay up late at night to complete tasks; rather have a good night rest (7 hours minimum) so you can wake up fully refreshed for the new day which presents fresh ideas and promise. Even when you are in a situation where not all your teammates are based in the same region and you have to accommodate different timezones, ensure this is done in a sensible manner, such that you do not deprive yourself of valuable rest time.

I hope you find the above tips as useful and beneficial as I have in ensuring your home working during the lockdown is to an optimal level. Applying these steps have aided effective management of my work load and family life, whilst maintaining all round digital wellness.

Please share your own tips in the comments below on what has been your coping mechanism over the period.

I hope everyone continues to stay safe. Remember to wash your hands regularly, use hand sanitisers frequently, maintain social distancing and only embarking on essential travels. I know we can beat this pandemic, as the human race is more than capable of coping with such tough and challenging times.

My intention is to provide as much content as I am able to in the coming weeks/months. You all stay safe and take time to appreciate the little things around you.


Hello Guys, apologies for the very long hiatus, life again took over. Its funny when I recall my reasons for starting this blog. I felt like my life experience at the time spurred on my passion to document most of the activities I engage in via pictures and short stories however, little did I know that 4 months later I would be expecting baby number 2; especially when I was still trying to figure out the intricacies of blogging i.e. scheduling a blog post with a full time job, photoshoots, by the way my husband takes my photos. I am sure he sometimes says to himself "what have I gotten myself into" but nonetheless, I am so grateful to have the best support system. In all honesty, I married my best friend because between the back and forth of trying to get the best shots, it has not been easy but I have to commend him for his patience and love. What's that thing they say "a happy wife makes a happy home" ( inserts a wink). 

Moving on to the early onset of 2017, I got knocked up and then started the process of experiencing what each trimester had to offer. To be fair, I had a good pregnancy; but I didn't feel motivated enough to write blog posts or take pictures. I was just living in the moment and rediscovering myself and boy! did I learn a lot. Fastwards 10 months later we welcomed another gorgeous baby boy, so by the time my blog turned one, I was already a mum of two beautiful boys. Another life changing moment which is an amazing priveledge and I feel extremely blessed and thankful for the opportunity.

Although, life has not been easy being a mum of a fairly active toddler and a baby, I guess I can't complain, as I know what I signed up for. In all this, I have decided to always keep a positive mindset at all times, a lot more self care i.e a little mani/pedi, spending quality time with family and friends and of course focus on what makes me happy i.e fashion, beauty and taking a lot more pictures for the gram.

Hope your weekend has been great, many thanks for reading!

Dress:Zimmermann (sold out) but Similar

Location: Balmedie Beach Aberdeenshire

Over the years, I have been on the hunt for a mosturizer/primer that works well in minimizing my oily proned skin. I have tried a good number of brands in the market but non seemed to do the trick, often leaving me with a greasy complexion all day long; even after using blotting paper. I recently tried the DayWear Matte Oil-Control Anti-Oxidant Moisture Gel Creme from Estee Lauder and got amazing results. It adequately controls shine, thereby giving a healthy matte finish without any  grease, even hours after application. This Gel Creme has now become an essential part of my skincare regimen. 

The texture of the Gel Creme is lightweight and doesn't leave any oily residue once applied. It  contains cucumber extract which has numerous benefits to the skin. Being an anti-oxidant it helps the anti-ageing process by reducing fine lines and also assists in improving the natural scent of the product.  It is also non-acnegenic; which is less likely to cause acne breakouts or clog pores.

The DayWear Matte Oil-Control Anti-Oxidant Moisture Gel Creme has really been a game changer in my daily routine. I use it as a primer before make up; keeping my skin hydrated and providing that perfect base for my foundation to blend smoothly. I also use the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation. These products compliment each other greatly.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you tackle oily skin woes and the best product that you reckon would be helpful in minimizing large pores. Please do share in the comment section below.

Thank you so much for reading!

I have never really been an avid sneaker fan, as I never thought they suited my personality; however, on seeing these luxe floral embroided trainers from missguided, I had a change in perception...

Apart from the unique floral look, the sneakers are very soft inside making them quite comfortable to wear. This for me is important, as I believe that a good pair of shoes should go beyond aesthetics alone. Also, the smooth synthetic leather material makes it really easy to clean.

These white luxe floral embroidery trainers from Missguided is quite similar to the Gucci low top sneakers, so if you are one who wants the luxury look without having to shell out too much cash, this pair is for you.

What I am wearing:

Thank you so much for reading!
Hey guys, trust everyone is having a relaxing weekend. So here's my sunday unconventional tailored look. This amazing shirt is from Marks and Spencers. I particularly like the sleeve as it comes in a loose fit bow at the cuff, creating the on trend bell sleeves. It is made from pure cotton and best of all, it costs less than £40. In my opinion, this ought to be a staple in everyone's wardrobe....

Hey guys, apologies for the long break. Its been a rather hectic period for me to say the least. With barely 21 sleeps to Christmas, I appreciate that some folks may still be unsure of the right gifts to get their loved ones this yuletide, so I have curated 6 items each all under a £100 that would make ideal christmas presents. Click on the image to shop your favorite item, Happy Shopping!

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