Style, Like fingerprints is unique...


Hello everyone, my name is Chinwe and I am based in Aberdeen United Kingdom. I have always been interested in setting up my own blog but the timing never seemeed appropriate. Having gone through a series of life changing experiences such as marriage and becoming a mum to my gorgeous baby boy, I believe there is no better time than the present to embark on this new journey...

The birth of my child has not only been my greatest life event till date, but it has completely changed my view on life. The joy and pure love I  have for him is inexplicable and I would not trade the experience for anything in the world. 

Now to the blog proper... The main purpose of this blog is the creation of a platform for sharing some of my experiences, passion and interests in all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I have a keen interest in home decor, particularly scandinavian style interior decor. My vision for "mystyledepot" is for it to be an online warehouse where information on contemporary styles and inspirations from my view point would be accessible to the world!

I am very excited  about this new frontier.....

I leave you with my 3 favourite quotes:

"Love must be sincere"

"Hate what is evil"

"Cling to what is good"

Stay Blessed.


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